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Cherry wood (main body), MDF .


H 65cm.


All the Cherry components are checked for specific humidity content and are coated with a satin-silk, 2 coat finish

The top and bottom decks are finished with an epoxy satin black coat


The Unifield one Speaker system is a high quality engineered, concentric speaker system made by Von Schweikert Audio Corporation.

In order to enhance the overall performance of this high quality speaker, a customized speaker stand was designed according to the manufacturer guidlines.

Design features:

The 25” stand is placing the speaker at the listener’s level.

Special Cherry solid wood main body construction creates a synergy with the unit and enhances bass performance.


The body is made of selected, knots-free timbers of solid Cherry wood.

The location and orientation of the pieces were selected to create a pleasant looking piece.

The top and bottom decks are made of MDF to neutralize their tonal effect.


The main construction element is filled with a special hydrophobic substrate enclosed in a sealed volume.

Ground interface:

The lower deck is provided with a pre assembled standard (1/4”) spikes connectors. The stand is shown with BDR spikes, and is compatible with most standard spikes. 

There are three possible spikes configurations 

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