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About me


The passion for wood inspired me about 30 years ago and this affair has lasted since - to this day, through a continuous learning and skills refining process. This has been a very creative and rewarding path.
The diversity and depth of the wood, the material enchanted me and drove me to better understand and appreciate this unique yet so varied – from the innocent simplicity of the pine, to the awesome complexity of the American walnut or the African Pear.. The powerful elegance of the Maple, the depth in the Cherry.. – Each wood and its own unique character.
Color, texture, look, depth, strength, flexibility – all varying from one specie to the other, had attracted me and opened endless possibilities for creativity. The quest to create pieces that would aim perfection and last through the time had been the leading light for me.

Above all – it is the creation and creativity that fulfills me time and time again.

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