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Red Oak


H=148cm, W=81cm, D=48cm


dual component acrylic lacquer. Semi gloss.

The cabinet is made of 4 CD drawers and 6 vinyl record drawers.
The practical requirement, i.e. easy access to the records within the collection was addressed by a fully-retraction drawer slides, this allowing access to the records at the back of the drawer as well as the front.

The joinery consist of Dovetails for the main carcass as well as for the tray. Trademark for classical joinery, this joint excels in strength and beauty. For this project, a variable spaced dovetails were used.

The six drawers are assembled using Finger joints (A.K.A Box joints).

Both Dovetail joint and Finger joints provide strength while showing the contrast between the grain side of the wood and the end-grain side.


As the accumulative weight of records becomes significant, the hardware used for this project was heavy-duty, full extension, soft close European slides.

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