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White Oak, Poplar


L = 2.60m, H= 47cm, W= 50cm


Dual component Acrylic lacquer, silk-matt.

This piece was built for a client’s living room. The design guideline was - a clean, modern Scandinavian line. The client liked the pale tones and texture of White Oak, and it naturally became a perfect fit for the design style.

Continuity and harmonic texture flow is very important, especially in this design. In order to create such flow, both the cabinet carcass and the front piece (from which the doors and drawers fronts are cut) were constructed from long boards that were matched (orientation, grain, tones), glued together and then divided to the required elements. 

The cabinet includes 6 drawers (3 external and 3 internal), a wine compartment with horizontal wine support shelves, and two general purpose units.

Drawers are built from Poplar, with traditional dovetails for beauty and rigidity. 

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