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This piece started as classical ‘hers and his’ type of cabinet. This piece was ordered for the client’s living room, mainly to host the client’s audio system. During the defining and initial design process, we had two contradicting requirements - a closed cabinet – for clean look, and open one – for heat dissipation for the Audio equipment and uninterrupted iR control ….. 

In addition, there was a request for dominant, heavy top for the cabinet.


African walnut was selected for its dominant texture and variant color scheme. 

The solution that satisfied the requirements was found with the mesh front. It allows proper ventilation, while maintaining the feel of almost closed cabinet.


During the planing of the lumber for the cabinet, a unique textured piece was found. It had a flame-like shape, and immediately set aside for the front panel.

The top panel is made from a slice from a tree trunk center. This tree was of a 2 meters diameter, and we found the mid slice from that trunk.  It had beautiful live edge – creating interesting contrast to the smooth surfaces of all other elements in the cabinet.

There are 2 drawers and one main door that opens downwards to allow easy access to the audio equipment.

Drawers are built from Poplar, with traditional dovetails for beauty and rigidity. 


African Walnut, Poplar


 L= 2.15 m, H=48 cm, W=52 cm


Dual component Acrylic lacquer, silk-matt.

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