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H: 240 cm; W: 3m; 

semi gloss, 2 component, water based acrylic lacquer.

This library was envisioned by the client, a designer by profession, for her home’s living room. Since the ceiling is fairly high, the piece was designed to match the space and wall dimensions where it was set to be placed. 

Its length is shy of 3 m’ (~  9’ 10”) and height is 2.4 m’ ( ~ 7’ 10”)

Poplar was selected for the piece – for it’s light and gentle texture. The shades go from pale yellow, through olive-green to smoked brown. These characteristics create a calm platform for the books and other elements that are housed within the library

The designer created a pattern, consisting a pair of vertical support pieces, that are asymmetrically located around the library.

The finish is matt acrylic, water-based lacquer

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